mei li quality

Our bags are made with some of the highest quality nappa leather which means that every now and then they require a little attention to care for it. 

In order to best preserve your Mei Li bag for years to come, here are some instructions on to how to keep your bag as beautiful as you.


How to protect your bag

1. Try not to take your bag out anywhere it might get severely wet. A light drizzle is fine, but our nappa leather is not waterproof. 

2. When not in use, please store your bag in the dustbag in a dry, cool, dark place.

3. Try to avoid handling your bag roughly. While we have confidence in our materials, no leather bag can withstand physical damage. Treat your handbag like a friend—with respect and care.

4. In order to help your bag hold its shape for years to come, remember to stuff it with tissue paper or cloth when not in use, and, as always, please store it in its dust bag.

How to clean your bag

1. Remove dirt and dust by wiping your bag down with a damp washcloth and lukewarm water.

2. If you want to use leather cleaner, test it on a small patch of the first to see how it reacts to the leather before applying it. 

3. When you finish cleaning your bag, wipe it down with a soft, dry cloth.

4. Do not use any solvents like Acetone as it will damage the leather of your bag. 

5. Do not try using abrasive type cleaners or oils, this could do damage to the treatment of the leather.